When? September 3 (Saturday) from 6pm through midnight.

Where? 6823 Thomas Blvd, Apartment 1 (google maps link).

Sign up now.

This will be a fundraising cocktail party held at our house, with wine, summer cocktails, and gourmet appetizers (with a Mozambican flavour). It's one great party.

Sign up is not required, but it helps us know how many to expect and you can immediately donate online to simplify things. You can also donate at the party.

What can I do to help?

Bring friends!

Seriously, this is a big help: it's win-win-win-win: we get a better party, our Mozambican organisations get more money, they have a great time, and you get thanked for inviting

What will the money be for?

We just collect the money. The money will go, split 50/50 to EsMaBaMa and Kufunana. These were our partners on our trip last year and we guarantee you they will spend it well.

Can I get a tax receipt?

Yes, esmabama can give you one. Please talk to us to get one.

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