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Transvalor 3D Gallery - Public Models

Model thumbnail
Screw Cold Heading
Effective strain evolution during heading in cold conditions.
Model thumbnail
Reducer Rolling
Effective strain evolution occurring in a two step preforming operation.
Model thumbnail
Austenite rate evolution during continuous heating of an ingot.
Model thumbnail
Heat Treatment - Quenching
Austenitic transformation during water quenching of a carbon steel.
Model thumbnail
Cup Deep Drawing
Tensile stress evolution developed in a metal sheet during punch upsetting.
Model thumbnail
Radial-Axial Ring Rolling
Temperature evolution during hot rolling of a rectangular ring.
Model thumbnail
Cold Bar Shearing
Temperature evolution during bar shearing in cold conditions.
Model thumbnail
Crankshaft Forging
Metal flow in the blocker stage of a 4-cylinder crankshaft for a passenger car.
Model thumbnail
Fold & Lap
Spindle forging with fold detection.
Model thumbnail
Coupled Die Stress Analysis
Tensile stress evolution in upper & lower die during forging.
Model thumbnail
Ingot Cogging
Impact of manipulators on local temperature at ingot edges.
Model thumbnail
Slab Rolling
Slab hot rolling across three consecutive stands.
Model thumbnail
Steady State Hot Rolling
Axial stress evolution in a five stand hot rolling process.
Model thumbnail
Heat Treatment - Carburizing
Carbon evolution from surface to core on a gear tooth.
Model thumbnail
Piercing & Punching
Inner damage due to local shearing in punch piercing operation.

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